Black Ops 6 will introduce 12 new weapons “that players have never seen before”

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Now that Treyarch is only a few months away from launching Black Ops 6, more information about the game is starting to trickle out. Although Activision announced most of the crucial tidbits during its Xbox Showcase segment, the developers have gradually revealed other key details through interviews. And one of the most important aspects that will be introduced as part of the game is the dev team’s decision to introduce 12 new weapons “that players have never seen before.”

Throughout the years, each entry in the CoD franchise has predictably given players a vast arsenal to choose from. Depending on their setting, some games have even included weapons from the era they’re based in. But apart from the very first CoD title, no game in the series has ever introduced 12 new, never-before-seen weapons all at once.

According to Matt Scronce and Yale Miller (per VentureBeat), associate design director and senior director of production at Treyarch, respectively, “[They’re] at 12 weapons that have never been seen in the franchise.” “I think it’s more than any other new Call of Duty has introduced,” Scronce continued. “But it’s also—because we’re Black Ops we can introduce those new prototype weapons that only a few people have heard of.”

Of course, the dev team hasn’t yet revealed what some of these guns will be. However, Scronce revealed that one of the upcoming weapons is a “super-prototype,” meaning it’s something very few people have heard of. That said, if you want to learn more about the type of weapons the game has in store, you’ll have to wait until the Black Ops 6 release date kicks off.

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