by on Jun 2, 2021

Biomutant’s first post-launch patch adds Extreme difficulty mode, narrator options and more

Developer Experiment 101 has released the first post-release patch for open world adventure Biomutant on PC with a range of fixes and tweaks included, and promises a console update to follow soon after.

Patch 1.4’s highlights include a new difficulty mode in the form of an “Extreme” setting which further ups enemy damage and attack rate, a motion blur slider, updating melee sound effects and an overhaul to the game’s narrator that firstly sees the amount of gibberish spoken before the narrator begins translating, and secondly allows toggles so that players can hear dialogue more heavily weighted towards their choice of the in-game gibberish or the narrator’s translation.

There’s a whole cavlecade of fixes and tweaks too, of course, including the ability to unlock perks from all classes on a New Game+ run, removing common items from high level loot crates, fixes in combat including the player getting stuck and many more, including fixing a bug that saw the game’s Old World Gadgets achievements not properly unlocking despite the requirements being met by the player.

The patch is out now for PC and the developers promise a similar patch will be heading to consoles very soon. You can read the full patch notes over here and check out our review of Biomutant—which is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC—over here.


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01 January 2018