Ubisoft's critically acclaimed and much-loved action adventure title Beyond Good & Evil HD is on sale for the Xbox 360. As part of Xbox LIVE's Cyber Monday deals, the HD port of the PS2-era game is available for just 240 Microsoft Points.

In our Beyond Good & Evil HD review we pointed out that "for a measly 800 points, however, you're getting one of the best action adventure games of its day. Sure, under the new paint is some slightly rotten woodwork, but it's built on an incredibly solid foundation. If you passed on the opportunity the first time round, now is a great time to find out what you missed."

For considerably less money the game is an absolute bargain.


Martin has already said he's going to buy this as soon as he's added some points to his Xbox LIVE account, although I think it's partly an act of defiance against the now dead-to-us Jamin Smith who awarded the HD port 7/10. He gave everything 7/10 though.