Remember Fe, the gorgeous, yet mysterious-looking adventure game announced by Electronic Arts during E3 2016? Well, the title has finally nabbed a release date, with developer Zoink confirming today that the game will launch on February 16.

Fe is part of EA Originals, a new initiative dedicated to churning out indie titles that have the bonus of being supported by the company's considerable marketing clout. The game will set you back £19.99 when it launches as a digital download for PS4, PC (exclusive to Origin), Xbox One, and Switch.

Zoink is championing Fe as a 'new type of platform adventure' where players are free to go about making their own adventure without any handholding. Set in an evocative Nordic forest, Fe sees you gliding, climbing, and digging your way across the environment as the titular Fox where you'll communicate with flora and fauna by song to uncover its many secrets. 

Have a gander at a trailer for Fe below to see how it's shaping up. 

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