DICE has revealed that Battlefield V will shake things up with the introduction of Airborne mode, a new objective-based affair that places heavy emphasis on teamwork.

While it's keeping many details close to its chest right now, the studio confirmed that the mode will kick off with players parachuting by plane into the combat zone.

And no, this is not a PUBG-style battle royale mode (even though that would apparently be a 'natural fit'). You just happen to be parachuting down at the beginning of a match, that's all.

Once your boots are on the ground, players must work together with their squad to mash up the enemy's artillery installations or defend them to ensure any airborne threats are dealt with. We assume there's more to it than that, but DICE is keeping it zipped. 

Battlefield V is out in full force at E3 in a few weeks time, so hopefully we'll find out more info then.

Battlefield V is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 19, and takes place during World War II. It also has women in it, which for some reason or another upset a lot of people. 

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