New details on 2018's Battlefield game, which is rumoured to be titled Battlefield V and takes place in World War II, have surfaced on GamesBeat following last week's initial leak.

According to the site, developer DICE is looking to include a cooperative mode in the first-person shooter follow-up, although right now it's not known if the game will feature split-screen support. It also notes that the Battlefield V name may still be a placeholder, as DICE used it previously during Battlefield 1's production.

Elsewhere, Battlefield V's campaign will seemingly follow in the footsteps of its World War I predecessor, with players taking control of multiple characters plucked from various theatres of the conflict in one overarching narrative. Considering Battlefield 1 was praised for going down this route, it makes sense that DICE would be keen on adhering to this style of storytelling for the new game. If it ain't broke, and all that.  

Last but not least, the sequel will reportedly allow players to go into a prone position on their back, similar to what is available in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. GamesBeat also backs up USGamer's story that Battlefield V will support cosmetic-only loot boxes. 

As always, nothing official has been confirmed by DICE or publisher Electronic Arts as of yet, although it'll only be a couple of months until we hear something, seeing as how the new Battlefield is one of the games confirmed for June's EA Play event

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