It was a pretty dramatic week in Walford, where EastEnders revealed that Phil Mitchell’s daughter, Louise, knows about Sharon’s affair with teen heartthrob, Keanu Not Reeves. Presumably they’ll call the whole thing off now that the schoolgirl knows about their daytime romps, cause Lord only knows what will happen when the Philthy Phil finds out. 

Elsewhere, Danny ‘I’m fucking Danny Dyer’ Dyer made history by confirming he’ll be appearing on a TV Show with his daughter, Dani. The duo will be ‘talking a bit of bollockyness’ on Gogglebox, as part of a Stand Up To Cancer episode filmed at the cockney geezer’s Essex gaff. Fair play to yer, mate.

Tekken 7 is still selling incredibly well

Having  jumped back into Tekken 7 recently, I was instantly reminded of just how much of a cracker it is. Eschewing the awful gimmicks of the Tag games, Bandai Namco Games’ tale of dancing pandas and men with silly hair is resoundingly satisfying, mixing an eclectic cast of characters with deceptively simple combat mechanics. Plus, the Rage stuff gives it a brilliant cinematic flare that previous instalments were lacking. Needless to say, the fact the game has sold over three million is great news; with new content coming as part of Season Two, it’s definitely a great time to be a Tekken fan again.

Rumour: Destiny 3 is now in early stages of development

People probably have a good idea of where they’d like to see Destiny 3 go, although to be fair to Bungie, the series is in pretty good shape right about now. Yes, Destiny 2 didn’t get off to a very good start, but Forsaken has definitely set the loot shooter on the right path – pity it took a year to do it, though. The rumblings about Destiny 3 are intriguing; the ability to use the Darkness has some pretty major narrative implications, and the further mashing up of PvE/PvP elements is definitely something the series could benefit from. I imagine we’re looking at a 2020 launch, considering Bungie is also reportedly working on another year’s worth of Destiny 2 content from next autumn.

Battlefield V won’t get its battle royale mode until March

DICE made it clear Firestorm wouldn’t ship with Battlefield V, although I doubt many of us expected it would take until March for it to turn up. But that’s what the studio has planned, with the battle royale mode rocking up as part of an extensive post-launch roadmap that revolves around Tides of War. To be fair, Battlefield V has a single-player campaign, so it’s not as if there isn’t enough content to keep people busy in the months following launch. The lingering question remains though: Will Firestorm do enough to differentiate it from competing shooters? 

Don’t expect The Elder Scrolls VI to launch anytime soon

Bethesda has always been pretty open about the fact Elder Scrolls VI won’t be hitting stores for ages yet, so at this point they’re just stating the obvious. Given the fact Starfield is out first, not to mention we’re probably only a few years away from next-gen systems, I think it’s totally conceivable the fantasy epic will be a PS5/NextBox title. It could even be cross-gen if there’s still money to squeeze out of the current crop of hardware by the time the next cycle is underway, which will probably be the case. 

Capcom is bringing Resident Evil 4 and more to the Switch

Capcom’s Resident Evil series has already made the jump to Switch with the Revelations games, but to be honest, it was only a matter of time before the classic titles did the same. Capcom has sagaciously picked three of the best games in the zombie-mashing franchise, a relief considering Switch users could have been lumbered with the Frankenstein’s Monster that was Resi 6. Zero in my opinion is horribly underrated, although 5 admittedly would have been a good pick for its multiplayer capabilities. Still, great news all around. 

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