Following Sony's PlayStation Store update slip up which yesterday revealed the existence of Battlefield Premium, EA has confirmed that full details will be shared on June 4.

"Looks like the excitement for Battlefield Premium cannot be contained," EA told Joystiq. "For details, please visit on June 4."

However, whilst EA wants to make a big splash with info next week, much of this information appears to have leaked out early in a fact sheet.

According to the fact sheet, Battlefield Premium will include access to the five released and upcoming Battlefield expansions (two weeks ahead of everyone else), plus a range of unique in-game items not available to non-premium members.

That all sounds pretty acceptable, but Battlefield Premium members will also get "access to powerful new features" including "queue priority into servers" and the bizarre ability to reset stats (presumably your own).

The fact sheet also confirms an Xbox LIVE price of 4,000 MS Points, whilst PS3 and PC gamers will pay £39.99.

Much of Battlefield Elite, I mean Premium, is roughly in-line with what Activision has done with Call of Duty, but prioritised access to servers is certainly going to anger much of the game's player base.