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Ben Borthwick by on May 25, 2022

Battlefield 2042 won’t be getting any more new content for Hazard Zone, EA DICE confirms

EA DICE has declared it’s winding down support for Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042 for the foreseeable future.

The studio revealed the news as part of their Battlefield Briefing development update last night. Explaining the reasoning behind the decision, senior community lead Adam Freeman admitted the mode hadn’t really taken off with fans. “All of us on the team had great ambition and high hopes for this new Battlefield experience throughout our development,” he said.

“But we’re the first to hold our hands up and acknowledge that it hasn’t found the right home in Battlefield 2042,” he continued. “And that we’ll benefit greatly from letting our focus and energy stay on the modes we see you engaging most with.”

The mode itself will remain in the game and will still get essential bugfixes. However, the team say they’re “no longer actively developing new experiences or content for the mode”. Furthermore, any new maps released across the upcoming Season One and beyond won’t support Hazard Zone.

Hazard Zone was announced to great fanfare about a month before Battlefield 2042‘s release. The squad-based mode saw teams dropped into a map to try and obtain special drives. AI forces would try and stop them, which would get increasingly harder the longer players stuck around. Squads would then decide whether to bank their winnings and extract, or gamble by staying on for higher rewards.

Instead of Hazard Zone, the team will be focusing on Season One of Battlefield 2042. You can check out the development details on that in the post here, or check out the video below. Battlefield 2042‘s first full post-launch season is expected to finally drop early next month. 


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