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Ben Borthwick by on May 19, 2022

Battlefield 2042 narrows down Season One launch to early June

EA has declared that its much-delayed Season One of post-launch Battlefield 2042 content will now arrive in early June.

The update came alongside the patch notes for the troubled shooter’s latest 4.1 update dropping today. This week’s update is said to be final one in DICE’s calendar before Season One arrives, reads the message. The team say they’ll provide a full overview and update notes closer to the release.

In the meantime, update 4.1 brings along plenty of tweaks and fixes of its own. They include some notable nerfs, such as the damage of Boris’ Sentry Gun being reduced and Angel no longer able to provide armour plates with his supply bag. However, stock weapons now have improved base recoil before attachments.

Elsewhere, the BF1942 and BF3 announcer voice over has been remastered, with new sound effects. There’s fixes for animations displaying correctly and making gadgets easier to deploy. There’s also some substantial changes to the game’s All Out Warfare modes. DICE has made the decision to remove the 128 player version of Breakthrough.

“In Breakthrough’s 128 player mode,” they said. “We feel that the value and impact of an individual player, and squad is reduced due to the increased intensity and chaos of the combat.” The team also added they felt 128-player modes were better suited to Conquest. “We believe that the move to 64 players will bring back the pacing that helps celebrate these moments of teamwork and PTFOing, and will be keeping a close eye on how our changes help to improve the experience ahead of the start of Season 1.”

The team announced back in February their intention to delay Season One of Battlefield 2042 to the summer. The decision was made in order to first focus on improving the core game’s experience.



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