Battlefield 2042 teases an “exciting new game type” and details new maps

Battlefield 2042 teases an “exciting new game type” and details new maps
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Developer DICE and publisher EA haven’t just dropped a trailer and release date for this October’s Battlefield 2042, but have also unveiled several of the maps as well as teasing the reveal next month of a brand new mode to the series.

As detailed on the game’s official website, each map will be able to support 128 players on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC, and every one is promised to feature a “unique experience that directly impacts strategy for you and your squad.”

The new maps include Orbital — set amidst a rocket preparing for takeoff, a city lost in the desert buffeted by sandstorms known as Hourglass and the bustling metropolis of Kaleidoscope.

Manifest, meanwhile, sees a battle amongst cargo containers during a tropical storm and Discarded is a pitched battle among stranded ships on India’s west coast. Breakaway sees players fight in an oil field in Antarctica, complete with exploding fuel tanks, and finally Renewal takes place around a giant wall in Egypt.

You’ll be able to play a variety of gametypes on these maps, including the return of Battlefield favourites Conquest and Breakthrough in the All-Out Warfare mode. The next mode is called Hazard Zone, which is described as an “all-new, high-stakes, squad-based game-type for the Battlefield franchise that is a modern take on the multiplayer experience that is distinctly DICE but very different from All-Out Warfare’s Conquest or Breakthrough modes.”

Finally, a third new mode has been teased, which is being developed by DICE’s LA team which is currently the most mysterious. It certainly sounds like it won’t be like Battlefield 5‘s Firestorm but is described as “s a love letter to Battlefield fans and one that long-time players will feel right at home with.” We’ll get to find out more about that during EA Play Live, which has been scheduled for July 22.

Battlefield 2042 will release on October 22, and EA has also confirmed via an FAQ that it will invite a limited number of Battlefield veterans to a Closed Technical Playtest of the game next month on the Orbital Map, followed by an Open Beta at a date and time to be confirmed, but with pre-orders getting guaranteed early access. Click on the images below to be taken to some lovely screens of the new maps in the gallery.Battlefield 2042

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