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Ben Borthwick by on Apr 14, 2022

Battlefield 2042 promises “over 400” fixes & improvements in 4.0 patch coming next week

EA has declared that Battlefield 2042 will get its 4.0 patch next week, and given us an idea of what fans can expect in the update.

While the full patch notes will arrive next week, community manager Kevin Johnson has detailed some of the highlights in a Twitter thread. The changes are numerous, with Johnson claiming over 400 fixes & improvements. They include tweaks to several operatives, including Rao, Palik and Sundance. The latter will see their anti-vehicle grenades become more effective at close range.

Elsewhere players can look forward to Ribbons becoming easier to earn and unlock. There’ll also be XP balancing for support actions, to try and encourage more teamplay between squads. You can also expect vehicular warfare balances including to the Bolte light tank too. Finally, attachments will be getting an overhaul, to make each one feel more unique and impactful.

That’s just some of what you can expect in the Battlefield 2042 4.0 patch when it arrives next week. The full patch notes will arrive when the update arrives, we’re promised, so there’ll be much more to delve into then. Battlefield 2042 has had something of a troubled first few months so far, with EA & DICE even delaying the game’s planned Season One until the Summer.



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