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Ben Borthwick by on Feb 1, 2022

Battlefield 2042 delays Season One content until Summer

The Battlefield 2042 teams have revealed their plans to improve the troubled shooter, including postponing Season One until the Summer.

A joint statement from DICE, Criterion, Ripple Effect and EA Gothenburg addressed fans on Twitter. The tweet linked to a Battlefield Briefing, stating their commitment to improving the game following negative fan feedback. They’ll be taking action on multiple fronts, and as a result have moved the planned Season One of post-launch content to “early Summer.”

Before then, the teams have outlined six major issues they and fans have identified as a priority. These include Voice communication and player profile, a tighter squad loop and a refined ping system. Also promised are feedback-based improvements to gunplay and an improved reward loop. The final bullet point promises expanded tools, modes & tweaks to XP gains in Battlefield Portal.

These changes will also come with improvements in the feedback loop between developers and the fans. Going forward, the team promise to present specific focus points to fans, with the studios promising to observe and listen to conversations. The teams will then go away and incorporate that feedback into a new draft of these focus points with the player feedback incorporated before moving forward. This process will kick off later this month with the first area of focus – map design.

Dataminers previously uncovered that Battlefield 2042’s Season One would be delayed until at least March. To apologise for the delay, owners of the Gold and Ultimate editions will get a Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle. It’ll include unique specialist, weapon and vehicle skins, a melee weapon and a Player Card. These will drop in the game’s next update.


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