Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 3.2.1

<strong>Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 3.2.1</strong>
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We now have sight of the next update coming to Battlefield 2042. This is set to be the last update, as long as nothing goes wrong, before the release of Season 4. The majority of changes in this update are balance tuning and fixes to the reintroduced Class System.

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Let’s take a look at all the changes released in the patch notes 3.2.1 for Battlefield 2042: 

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 3.2.1: Changelog


  • FGM-148 Javelin
  • The FGM-148 Javelin can no longer lock onto the Tracer Dart while the dart is out of line of sight.
  • Tracer Dart Gun
  • The Tracer Dart will now correctly drop in height depending on the distance it has to travel.
  • Reduced the projectile speed of the Tracer Dart from 500 m/s to 250 m/s.
  • The uptime of the Tracer Dart will now last 12 seconds instead of 40 seconds.
    • Dev Comment: We’ve adjusted the trajectory and speed of the Tracer Dart to now offer a skill element to this gadget if you’re aiming to land shots from long range distances, if you wish to reliably designate targets from long distance the SOFLAM remains a tried and tested choice. 

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 3.2.1: Gameplay Flow & Social Elements

  • Unlock Descriptions will now correctly show for Class Badges on the reward screen after a match.
  •  The description for Falck’s Combat Surgeon Trait now correctly states that she is able to revive faster, rather than revive to full health.

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Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 3.2.1: Soldier

  • Fixed an issue where the time it took for firing when leaving sprint was much longer than expected with Assault Rifles.
  • Fixed an issue where the auto deploy of the parachute did not function properly.
  • The Assault Weapon Proficiency will no longer grant extra ammunition for Underbarrel Grenade Launchers.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause projectiles to not deal damage correctly when Specialists are facing down. 
  • Fixed a minor desync issue that resulted in the player jumping in a slightly longer arch than expected. Don’t be alarmed, we didn’t put any springs in your boots!

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 3.2.1: Specialists


  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to select any Gadget with any Specialist via Angel’s Loadout Crate.

Crawford – Mounted Vulcan

  • Increased the health of Crawford’s Mounted Vulcan by 60%
    • Dev Comment: This change is to increase the survivability when up against direct gunfire. Grenades and Rocket Launchers will still cause considerable damage.
  • Mounted Vulcan now lasts 7 seconds from the moment it begins firing to reaching its overheating point.
  • Players are no longer able to place down 4 Mounted Vulcans. One is enough!


  • You can no longer use Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield while also using a parachute, or whilst prone.

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 3.2.1: Weapons

As part of the recent Update 3.2 the ADDS time for Drum and Extended Magazines was reduced, in this update this change has been reverted due to community feedback.

Drum and Extended Magazines 

  • ADS draw rate has been reverted to pre-update 3.2 values. You’ll now notice that the draw rate is more immediate, and less weighted than before.

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  • Adjusted the recoil of the MTAR-21 to be in line with other Assault Rifle weaponry.
  • MTAR-21 damage increased up to 40m from 18 -> 22


  • PP-2000 damage increased up to 50m from 22 -> 28