Batman - The Telltale Series Episode 3: New World Order will release digitally on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 25, Telltale Games has announced.

With a somewhat lacklustre reception so far, we're hoping Telltale can start to ramp up the experience with the third episode. Alice has been left with mixed feelings about the series to date, awarding both episodes an uninspiring 6/10.

After finishing Episode 1 she felt it to be "a Batman game where it's kind of more fun when you're not Batman".

And of Episode 2 she wrote: "It has the air of young men putting on silly costumes, not knowing what they're doing, and trying to style it out."

In Episode 3, Gotham City is recovering from Penguin's brutal attack broadcast on live TV, which has left new mayor Harvey Dent a changed man. Meanwhile Batman will further investigate the newly revealed Children of Arkham.

You can see a sneak peak of the third episode in the latest official show, Batman: Unmasked.

Source: Telltale

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