Bandai Namco has set up a new, weird website featuring nothing but a graphic of an egg in a microwave, and the words '10 Days left'. It seems to be teasing an announcement landing some time on December 4, but nobody is yet sure what for.

It could be to do with the recent My Tamagotchi Forever announcement, because eggs do feature quite prominently in Tamagotchi, or potentially something to do with Projeckt #1514 (which everyone is now pretty sure is a new Sword Art Online game). There's also the possibility that it's more info on Code Vein, or even a new game reveal entirely. Bandai has a lot going on, to be fair. 

The URL is 'mhaoj', which could be an anagram or an acronym. One thing that is for sure is that you should definitely not microwave eggs in their shells like that because they will almost certainly explode.

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