Avalanche Studios has teased one of its unannounced titles by posting a snapshot of the game on Instagram.

The grainy image, posted by the studio's founder Christofer Sundberg, appears to show a shot of the protagonist hijacking a motorcycle, and reveals a dusty, canyon-like landscape.

"We're making awesome games at #avalanchestudios!" said Sundberg's caption for the image. "This year will be awesome! #yearoftheavalanche"

Unfortunately, there aren't any further hints as to what the game could be, although the developer is rumoured to be developing a Mad Max game and a new title in the Just Cause series.

This, quite frankly, could be either.

Avalanche is also known to be developing a game targeted at next-generation systems, after Sundberg revealed last year that the studio was "shipping back" current-gen devkits to make room for next-gen.

Could Avalanche's picture be the first shot of a next-gen game? Or has Ubisoft already beaten it to the punch?

Source: Instagram