EA has released the first details on Autolog 2.0, the second version of Criterion Games' stat-tracking social networking service due to be included with upcoming racer Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

According to a post on the official Need For Speed website, players will soon be able to create events and check their Autolog Feed directly through NeedForSpeed.com.

"This time, you can experience the whole thing right here on needforspeed.com," reads the post.

"You'll be able to check your Autolog Feed, browse Recommendations, comment, share pictures and tag events ready for when you next play the game."

Users had previously only been able to access Autolog in-game or via a smartphone application.

The new website, however, sounds remarkably similar to Battlefield 3's social networking website Battlelog.

In addition to the new website, Autolog 2.0 will also introduce 'customised Recommendations', letting players "turn down the volume on a particular friend and focus the action on someone you absolutely must beat".

"Autolog calls out your friends' records as you drive the city, hitting jumps, speeding through streets, blasting past speed cameras... everything. If there's something to do, there's someone to beat."

Players will also be able to share Dreamshots and instant snapshots, and compete amongst their friends to become the 'Most Wanted'.

"Your ultimate goal in the game is to be the Most Wanted," continues the post. "You earn Need for Speed Points and rank up for everything you do in the game. Outdrive your friends to move up the list and be Most Wanted."

Autolog was first introduced with 2010's BAFTA-winning Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and featured in Shift 2: Unleashed and last year's Need For Speed: The Run.