Russian studio Mundfish has released a new trailer for its upcoming FPS Atomic Heart, giving us a brief glimpse at some of the powers you'll be using in tandem with your weaponary to deal with the mutant foes you'll be facing in the mysterious game.

Keeping in track with the other reveals on the game so far, not too much has been given away, but we certainly spy a power that allows you to shoot what looks to be a jet of ice to freeze enemies, as well as some kind of levitation power which we no doubt will be handy against the plant/zombie hybrid... things that we also get a glimpse of—something of a departure from the robotic-based enemies we've seen from the game so far .

The game looks very much inspired by Bioshock in this footage too, from the art deco environment to the drones we see flying around. As to whether the game will match up to its muse in quality, we still have some time before we find out as there's still no date for the game yet. Still, what's there looks very polished indeed and we're looking forward to seeing more of Atomic Heart which is currently in development for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. 


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