Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Receives Changes After Community Feedback

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Receives Changes After Community Feedback
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A classic FPS game mode has finally arrived with the latest season of Apex Legends. Respawn has now introduced the ever-present Team Deathmatch offering into the game’s enjoyable list of game modes as a way for players to “get to the meat of Apex gunplay in a more casual way.”

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However, this particular variation of Team Deathmatch presents an exciting twist that fits in well with the gameplay and theme of Apex Legends. For this reason, we’ll be taking a deep dive into all the features that players can expect with this newest match offering. Read on to find out all that we know.

How does Team Deathmatch work in Apex Legends?

Team Deathmatch, much like other variations of the game mode, will be a fast-paced, team-based match offering that pits one team of six players against another. In order to win the match, a team must win by 50 to kills, this was initially 0 but it has now been changed.

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Players will also be able to choose their own loadouts at the beginning of a match and can also swap loadouts and Legends while respawning. Those that are looking to use more powerful weapons during the course of the match will be able to collect mid-round air drops for stronger firepower.

According to the latest developer blog post, Respawn Entertainment will also be introducing a new Mixtape Playlist following the first three weeks of Team Deathmatch. This will feature some of the more popular LTM’s that have been introduced in the past such as Control and Gun Run.

Because of these game modes’ casual nature and quick respawn times, these will be great instances for players to practice using different Legends and weapons, which they can then use in Apex Legends’ core battle royale experience.

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Changes

After it’s initial launch, Team Deathmatch has been well received in Apex Legends, however after some community feedback Respawn are set to make some changes.

The first thing to change was three rounds being too long, so now it is just one round that needs more kills to win. The UI will be updated at a later date to reflect this change, but it will be temporarily wrong.

Respawn have also promised some quality of life changes to come to the game. They will add ending the match the match when one team leaves, making the other team the winner. They are also set to add a penalty for abandoning matches.

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Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Mode FAQs

Is TDM available in Apex Legends?

Yes, TDM is now available in the game and was released as part of Season 16.

What is Apex Revelry?

Revelry is the title of Apex Legends’ Season 16, which is a celebration of their fourth year anniversary.