Update, 8.20pm July 27: Tim Neff and his agent have now disavowed the story, saying Neff is 'definitely not a part of that' in reference to GTAVI. Neff himself has said he doesn't even have an account on the site the CV was posted to, and is putting it down to trolling.

This hasn't stopped the speculation, however, with one NeoGAF user now claiming to have worked for Rockstar in 2012, at which point the work on the 'next' GTA game after V was already starting pre-production

Original story: Rockstar may be deep into development of the western epic Red Dead Redemption 2, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got its eye on the future. According to the resume of an actor, motion capture work has begun on Grand Theft Auto 6. 

A keen-eyed user on NeoGAF spotted the resume for an actor, Tim Neff, who has listed work on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto VI. Neff’s resume doesn’t give away any details related to either game, nor does he detail the character(s) for whom he was doing the mo-cap work.

He did post a picture on Instagram back in February. In this post he said that he was visiting Rockstar San Diego for a couple of days work.

GTA 6 Tim Neff

Is Rockstar working on GTA VI? It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was. But this isn’t any confirmation that anything is actually happening yet. The work that Neff completed may not be used in either game it could be for something completely different. However, the mere mention of Grand Theft Auto 6 being in development will always pique the interest of the internet.

Rockstar has many studios, and Rockstar North (the main studio for GTA V) has been rather quiet on the game announcement front, so it’s likely that it's be working on something. Previously it confirmed that it had plenty of ideas about where to take the series. But I wouldn’t expect to hear anything official about a new Grand Theft Auto for quite a while.

VideoGamer has contacted Rockstar for comment.

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