America's Army, the PC shooter that was made free to download, is now on its way to consoles. Ubisoft and the U.S Army have announced they will bring America's Army: Rise of the Soldier to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in summer 2005. Ubisoft has had full access to the military experience, enabling them to create the most cutting-edge military console game ever.

The console game will allow you to create a unique soldier and move with him through his career. The game will have unmatched levels of realism, something that the PC game excelled in. During your career you will have the choice as to what to do and what skills to specialise in.

As well as offering a single player career mode, the game will include online play for up to 16 players. Online players will also be able to build their characters career, with every game sculpting the stats of your player.

Look out for more news on America's Army: Rise of the Soldier as the summer 2005 release date approaches.