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All N64 games will be playable in 60Hz in Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

N64 Switch Online
Ben Borthwick Updated on by

Nintendo has confirmed that the N64 games in the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will all be playable at 60Hz.

The news came in a tweet from Nintendo UK that also confirmed each game would be the English language version. What’s more, it seems that certain games will also afford the option to play the original European PAL version too.

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Fans had been left wondering which versions of the classic games we’d get since they were announced. You see, in European regions, the N64 ran in the old PAL format, running at a slightly slower 50Hz. PAL versions would also often have black borders at the top and bottom of the screen, as per European CRT standards at the time. The disparity could present a problem in multiplayer, some feel, given some of the games are playable online for the first time.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack was revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast. For an extra fee, you can play select N64 games and Sega Mega Drive games on the Nintendo Switch. Launch titles include Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario Tennis 64, with more coming over later months. These include Banjo Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and more.

It’s not known which N64 games will get European PAL versions alongside their 60Hz counterparts yet. So stay tuned for more. The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is scheduled for later this month, pricing is still to be announced.