Addiction is a cruel mistress and the latest Hollywood star to be struck down is 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin's addiction isn't drug or alcohol-related, instead he gets his kicks by playing hit social game Words With Friends on his iPhone. So keen to play the scrabble-like title was Baldwin that he ended up getting kicked off an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles airport.

The actor Tweeted about the incident while it was happening.

"Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving."

Asked by Twitter followers why he didn't stop, he replied: "It's...well...addicting."

A spokesman for Baldwin offered the following last night: "Alec was asked to leave a flight for playing Words with Friends while parked at the gate. He loves WWF so much that he was willing to leave a plane for it, but he has already boarded another AA flight."

Passengers on the plane have also had their say, painting a different picture of the incident.

Steve Weiss, who was sitting across the aisle from Baldwin, told the New York Post: "Apparently he said he was playing a game, but he was actually talking on the phone.

"She [the flight attendant] was very nice. The door was closed, they just announced that they were pulling away from the gate. He got up, threw his papers on the floor and stormed into the bathroom, slammed the door closed, beat on the wall and then came back.

"He said 'If you want to kick me off, kick me off'."

In what seems like a carefully orchestrated move, we've only gone and published a feature looking into gaming addiction - now might be a good time to take a gander.

Via The Evening Standard