Alan Wake 2 nearing release, Max Payne remake and Control 2 to follow

Alan Wake 2 nearing release, Max Payne remake and Control 2 to follow
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Remedy Entertainment has revealed that Alan Wake 2 is “moving towards the final stage of full production” after initially being announced in 2021. The developers of the survival horror game would then go on to announce that a Max Payne 1 and 2 remake as well as Control 2 are all “progressing to the proof-of-concept stage,” meaning the production process for these entries have similarly begun.

The video game studio provided their short- and long-term plans in a first quarter business review for their investors. In addition to the previously mentioned information, Remedy Entertainment CEO Tero Virtala also stated that they were “able to continue hiring more talent across the organization” during the beginning of the year.

Virtala went on to praise the upcoming psychological thriller by saying that “Alan Wake 2 is on its way to becoming a great game” and that it “has everyone excited at Remedy.” Although he has mentioned that the game will be released later on in the year, a specific date is still yet to be provided so fans will have to remain patient a little longer before the launch window is revealed.

As for Remedy’s future projects, Control 2 apparently advanced into the proof-of-concept stage in January 2023. The production team’s main focus during this time was on “world building and gameplay mechanics” as well as developing the game’s visual target. Two more games, which are temporarily entitled Codename Condor and Codename Vanguard, are also in the proof-of-concept stage, which means there’s still “much to be done” for both of these installments.

Last but not least, Tero Virtala also provided an update on the state of their Max Payne 1 and 2 remakes, which are similarly still in the opening stages of development. Their main goal for these specific entries will be to bring both games “to today’s consoles and PC.”

With that said, Remedy Entertainment’s main focus is still on the launch of Alan Wake 2 as this will be their “first new game launch since Control in 2019.” So if you need to quench your survival horror thirst for now, we suggest reading up on our Resident Evil 4 Remake how to beat Saddler boss guide and how to beat Salazar boss guide to hold you over until then.