Activision clarifies ‘cross-platform’ blur multiplayer

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Activision blogger Dan Amrich has confirmed that reports suggesting upcoming Bizarre Creations racing title Blur will feature cross platform multiplayer are incorrect. You will, however, be able to send in-game Twitter messages to anyone else with a Twitter account on whatever platform they happen to be using (console, PC, phone etc).

The confusion surrounds Blur’s in-game challenge system, allowing players to send a challenge to a friend with specific rules and targets. Some online reports have suggested that Twitter allows for these challenges to be sent from an Xbox 360 gamer to a PS3 playing friend.

“Twitter integration and how it lets you send challenges around is something different,” explained Amrich. “Twitter built in to all three versions of the game (PC, PS3, and 360) and you can customize your messages before sending them out (i.e., you’re not stuck with whatever statement the game decides you should send out).”

He added: “Both Kotaku and MTV Multiplayer suggests you’ll be able to send each other challenges between platforms through that. Well, yes; if I’m watching my Twitter account and a friend on 360 says “Hey, @OneOfSwords, I just got this time on this track, try and beat it,” and I’m playing the PS3 version…that’s a cross-platform challenge. I can certainly read that message, then sit down at my machine and try to beat his time. There is no technical infrastructure or data link between those two platforms; you can’t send from Twitter directly to someone’s 360 or PS3 inbox.”

The important bit to understand is that “Blur makes it easy to send your gameplay information out from the game, but the player still has to process that info themselves”.

“360 sends info to 360 people, PS3 sends info to PS3 players, and Twitter sends data to Twitter. They do not cross-pollinate into each other’s internal messaging systems,” added Amrich.

Blur’s out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on May 28, but Xbox 360 owners can take part in a multiplayer beta by claiming a key through this link.

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