Just under a year ago Nate 'FrogCroakley' Crowley Tweeted 'Ok, why not. One like = one fictional video game.' After the likes didn't stop coming, this resulted in a thousand fake games (a lot of them involving Jason Statham in some fashion), money raised for ZSL and its conservation work, and, now, a book. 

100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed) is published by Rebellion, and is officially out tomorrow. To celebrate, Rebellion has been tweeting some favourite excerpts from it. 

The book also includes games like Work Kitchen Anecdote Bastard and Spiceworld: Legacy. 

You may recognise Crowley's previous work. He's the instigator of Daniel Barker's eternal birthday dystopia from a few years ago, and sometimes organises interactive story threads on Twitter — I was involved in one where he turned Twitter into a cop show. Currently he is engaged in some species of rhyming wizard battle. Crowley is also the author of the Schneider Wrack Chronicles series of  books.

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