The 3rd Birthday will be released across Europe and PAL territories as a special Twisted Edition retail pack featuring exclusive items, Square Enix has announced.

In addition to the game, the Twisted Edition retail pack will include a copy of CTI Confidential - an exclusive 48 page hardback book packed with top secret artwork and concept illustrations; two deluxe Aya Brea Lithograph art prints and an exclusive Lightning in Aya Brea costume for use in the upcoming PSP release Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy.

Square Enix has also revealed details of the game's celebrity voice cast including Yvonne Strahovski of TV series Chuck as the voice of Aya Brea.

Yvonne Strahovski commented: "I was immediately interested when Square Enix approached me with the opportunity to play Aya Brea in The 3rd Birthday. I love Aya - she's strong, driven and ready to take on the world. My goal was to bring all of her characteristics to life to really tell her story and create the best experience for all gamers."

Additionally, the game's mysterious Kyle Madigan is voiced by Jensen Ackles, star of Supernatural.

"The 3rd Birthday will pull players in immediately with its incredible graphics and character driven story line. I felt like I was creating a movie." said Ackles.

Given Square Enix's run of 'special edition' PSP releases it's hardly surprising to see one of the publisher's more high profile titles given the same treatment.

There's nothing overly original about the bonus items included in the Twisted Edition, but the red packaging looks nice and we wouldn't turn down a new artbook.