The Nintendo 3DS saw a 50 per cent boost in sales last week thanks to the launch of long-time coming Kid Icarus: Uprising, Media Create reports.

The 3DS sold 94,011 units, whilst Kid Icarus shifted 132,526 copies in the week ended March 25.

There was little change in the hardware sales for other platforms, though PS Vita was every so slightly up from 10,021 to 10,302 units.

Elsewhere in the software chart, Yakuza Black Panther 2 on PSP sold 104,937 copies, DMC HD Collection shifted 43,791 copies and Ninja Gaiden 3 on PS3 could only manage 29,797 copes - the Xbox version failed to chart.

Critics seem to believe Kid Icarus deserves to sell well, with the game earning a respectable 8/10 here at


Via Andriasang