3D visuals are no longer seen as something extraordinary by Nintendo, the famed creator of Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda Shigeru Miyamoto has told EDGE magazine.

Speaking a year on from the launch of the 3DS, Miyamoto said: "I think when we started off, we were focussing a lot on the 3D stereoscopic display, on using that effect. And I think [for that] both users who [were] playing the software and us creating the software, [it] was a very central point.

"Looking back one year, now we've realised that 3D vision is something more commonplace, not extraordinary; we've come to a more natural, easier approach to 3D vision."

What this means for gamers is 3DS titles will be released which feature only the 3D visuals deemed worthwhile to enhance the experience.

"We've transitioned to use it when it's appropriate and maybe not use it when it's not necessary," Miyamoto revealed. "In that respect, we've come to a move natural way of dealing with 3D."

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