Battleborn, the hero shooter MOBA from Gearbox Software, will be offline within two years as publisher 2K Games prepares to shutter the game’s servers for good (via DualShockers).

Battleborn is no longer shown on digital storefronts and 2K Games released an official explanation of its intentions for the game. Its “sunsetting” stage will involve the removal of features, firstly, the in-game currency will be struck out in February 2020. Players are able to generate the currency and use in the store if they would like to, however. Then, the servers will be taken offline in January 2021 and as a result, Battleborn will be no more. 

When the news broke, players were saddened to discover that the toony shooter would be shut down but thanked the developer and publisher for the experiences they enjoyed. Battleborn and Overwatch released within a few weeks of each other, and Overwatch snaffled a significant portion of Battleborn’s player base. In response, Gearbox attempted to attract new players through becoming a free-to-play title and adding new downloadable content. Players hope that the lore and characters of Battleborn make an appearance in future Borderlands 3 updates, and that would be a sweet tribute to the quirky hero shooter.

Battleborn is out now on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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