If Microsoft's Xbox 360 price cuts have caught your eye but you're still unsure over which console offers better value gaming for your money, then we're here to help. By combing some of the best deals on hardware and games across the internet we've put together a stunning bundle consisting of an Xbox 360 Arcade, two wireless controllers, a 256MB Memory unit, 10 retail games, five Xbox LIVE Arcade games and an HDMI cable for HD video output. All this for £296.90, less than the £299.99 RRP of the PlayStation 3.

The hardware

Xbox 360 Arcade

It's lacking a hard drive, but still more than capable of giving you a next-gen gaming experience.

Wireless controllers - included with console

One isn't really enough, so we've included two in this bundle.

256MB Memory Unit - Included with console

Large enough to handle all your game saves and a number of Xbox LIVE Arcade titles.

HDMI lead - £7.99

The Arcade package doesn't include an HD video cable, so this is essential if you want HD output.

The Games

PGR4 - £17.99

Every Xbox 360 owner should have PGR4 in their collection. Not only does it sport some of the most thrilling arcade racing you're likely to find, but unmatched next-gen visuals. With some of the most impressive online functionality ever seen in a racer, you'll be playing PGR4 for months to come - Full Review.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent - £9.99

As Sam Fisher's next-gen debut, Double Agent wasn't perfect, but it still stands up as one of the most entertaining action games on the console. With Sam having to lead a double life as an agent and a terrorist, you won't have played a Splinter Cell like this before - Full Review.

Dead Rising - £14.99

If you don't like the sound of slaughtering hundreds of zombies with every weapon imaginable, you clearly didn't watch enough horror movies as a kid. This is one of Capcom's best games in recent years and an Xbox 360 exclusive - Full Review.

Stuntman Ignition - £12.99

The Stuntman series has been killed off by THQ but this next-gen entry in the series sent the franchise off with a bang. It might be a little tricky at times, but once you're in the grove there's little that can compete with the thrill of nailing a series of tricks while racing through burning buildings - Full Review.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - £17.99

This one game could keep you occupied for months. You could run through the core storyline in a few days, but delve into the side quests and other activities on offer and you'll find one of the deepest RPG experiences available - Full Review.

Prey - £9.99

Sure, it's a pretty simple, by the book FPS, but it's still a highly entertaining game. What makes Prey a step above your average FPS is the atmosphere in the alien environment and the portals that came about well before Valve's Portal wowed gamers the world over - Full Review.

Table Tennis - £9.99

It's only Table Tennis, but this Rockstar developed sports sim is among the best available on the Xbox 360. The gameplay has surprising depth and the visuals look great for what is only two players hitting a small ball back and forth. Give this one a chance and you might get hooked - Full Review.

Forza 2 - included with console

Gran Turismo was the racing sim king, but Forza 2 took that crown. With a brilliant damage model, lengthy career mode and all the customisation you could want, Forza 2 is a car fanatic's dream come true. Budding artists can also paint their own artwork onto their vehicles and sell their creations to other players - Full Review.

Viva Piñata - included with console

Rare has been criticised for its output since becoming a Microsoft owned development studio, but Viva Piñata has all the qualities we expect from the studio responsible for Banjo Kazooie, Conker and GoldenEye. Building a garden and helping your Piñatas thrive is more addictive than you might imagine - Full Review.

Halo 3 - £24.99

If you're unaware of Halo 3 you must have been living under a rock for at least a year. Bungie's final chapter in the current Halo trilogy is a true masterpiece, offering a stunning campaign, four-player co-op support, tonnes of online functionality and one of the largest communities of gamers on the Xbox 360 - Full Review.

Xbox LIVE Arcade games


Packman Championship Edition

Boom Boom Rocket

Feeding Frenzy

Luxor 2

Total = £296.90

Of course, the bigger picture isn't so clear cut. Certain Xbox 360 titles don't work online to their full potential without a hard drive, those controllers are going to need new batteries or recharge packs and you can't play HD movies on your Xbox 360 Arcade (without a hard drive you'll struggle to download those HD videos on Xbox LIVE Marketplace). Still, if you want a lot of next-gen gaming on a budget, the package detailed above can't really be beaten.