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12 Minutes offers up just under six of developer gameplay in latest video

12 Minutes
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Interactive time-loop drama Twelve Minutes has just received a new gameplay trailer featuring commentary from the game’s director Luis Antonio, giving us a good idea of what we can expect when it launches later this year.

The footage gives us an introduction to the setting, where a man and a woman—voiced by James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley—sit down for a meal, only to be interrupted by a second man claiming to be a police officer —Willem Dafoe— who promptly arrests the woman for the murder of her father eight years prior. Obviously, things aren’t as they seem, and you’ll be using a point and click interface to interact with objects and items in the apartment and watching how it makes the characters react and changes the course of time as you try and get through each twelve minute loop, but retain any information you pick up between jumps.

There’s still no final release date for Twelve Minutes just yet, with just a vague 2021 window after it was delayed late last year, but it will be releasing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC when it does. Check out the new trailer for yourself below.

12 Minutes

on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
12 Minutes

Time loop drama

Release Date:

19 August 2021