1 vs. 100
by on Nov 12, 2021

1 vs. 100 revival rumoured to be in development at Xbox

It’s being rumoured that a revival of popular Xbox 360 quiz game 1 vs. 100 is in active development at Xbox.

That’s according to serial reliable rumour-source Jeff Grubb (as spotted by Video Games Chronicle). He was speaking on the latest episode of his Giant Bomb show where he claimed the project was currently in the works at Altspace VR. That team is part of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality division, and usually work on creating VR spaces for organisations and groups. According to Grubb, the new version will use 3D avatars that recently debuted as part of Microsoft Teams.

In case you’re not familiar, 1 vs. 100 was a live virtual game-show based on the TV show of the same name back launched in 2009. Players could launch into the game on their Xbox 360 console, and participate in regular quiz events. One player (‘The One’) would go up against 100 other players (‘The Mob’) to answer a series of questions. Incorrect answers would see players eliminated from The Mob. If the One won, they would win a prize of up to 10,000 Microsoft Points. Otherwise if the Mob won, then the winnings were split between those that remained.

Xbox are yet to confirm this rumour officially. However, Xbox head Phil Spencer has alluded to a return for the popular game in the past. An Xbox Fanfest livestream back in October of 2020 with Spencer as one of the hosts was supposed to include a quiz, but ran into technical difficulties. He said, apologising for the issues; “We’ll learn. Maybe we should even be building our own trivia game, like from our past, that allows people to play a trivia game more often, maybe that could happen.”


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1 vs. 100

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