Best MP5A2 loadout in XDefiant – tried and tested

Best MP5A2 loadout in XDefiant – tried and tested
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✓ At a glance
  • To upgrade your weapon, opt for the Lightweight barrel, Superlight front rail, Reflex sight, Lightweight rear grip, and Padded stock.
  • My build focuses on ADS speed and recoil recovery.

The MP5A2 is the first SMG you’ll get your hands on in Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter. While you don’t have to unlock it, it’s no slouch when compared to the game’s other mobility-focused guns, especially with the right attachments to iron out where it falls short. Nimble and effective at close range, double down on its strengths with our best loadout.

Our best MP5A2 loadout

We’ve picked out these attachments with a focus on boosting your aiming speed and recoil recovery. While this comes with a range nerf, your close-quarters combat effectiveness is greatly enhanced with this MP5A2 build:

Attachment typeChosen attachmentDescriptionHow to unlock
BarrelLightweight+15% ADS speed, +5% movement speed, -10% short and medium rangeLevel 36
Front RailSuperlight+10% ADS speed, +2.5% movement speed, -10% recoil recoveryLevel 4
OpticsReflex Sight+1 sight pictureLevel 2
Rear GripLightweight Grip+25% recoil recovery, +2.5% ADS walking speed, -5% ADS flinch controlLevel 30
StockPadded+15% recoil recovery, +10% ADS stability, +5% ADS flinch controlLevel 7
Secondary Weapon686 MagnumA slow but hard-hitting sidearmGet 5 Quick-Swap Kills
DeviceFrag GrenadeA lethal grenadeNA

The Lightweight barrel is a good way to get a noticeable bump in ADS speed and movement speed. This makes you harder to hit and makes it easier for you to aim at a target. This split-second difference can improve your odds of survival in a firefight. In turn, your range is lowered, meaning that you should stick to flanking foes and catching them by surprise. These bonuses are improved further with the Superlight front rail. With another boost in ADS speed and movement speed, you take a hit in recoil recovery.

Remedy this pitfall by opting for the Lightweight rear grip, boosting recoil recovery and ADS walking speed at the cost of some ADS flinch control. You can balance this out with the Padded stock. It improves recoil recovery, ADS stability, and ADS flinch control with no downsides. As for the optics, the Reflex sight is a solid choice. But since you’re sticking to close-range foes, you might want to consider opting for a Quick Mag magazine instead for 15% faster reloads. And if an enemy is too far from you, rely on the 686 Magnum to dish out some damage at medium range.

A player hides near a block with the MP5A2 SMG in the game.
SMGs like the MP5A2 excel in close spaces. Image captured by VideoGamer.

The MP5A2 is a good starting SMG in XDefiant but you should consider the P90, Vector .45 ACP, or MP7 when you unlock them. That’s because they’re noticeably better than your basic SMG, even with its attachments. The MP7 handily earned its spot in our best loadouts thanks to its damage output. Despite that, most factions can take advantage of this weapon’s mobility and damage output.

The Cleaner is my top pick as their Incendiary Ammo passive and Firebomb ability are great at finishing damaged enemies off. You can also go the stealth route with the Echelon’s Digital Ghillie Suit for invisibility. This will let you catch foes by surprise, especially TAC-50 sniper rifle and marksman rifle wielders. Modes like Occupy, Domination, and Zone Control draw foes towards tight spaces, making them prime targets for your room-clearing SMG. Our attachments improve your capabilities at close range so lean into this as you face opponents.