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Trials Fusion Guide – How to unlock the secret warp zones and mini-games

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RedLynx has included a bunch of secret mini-games in Trials Fusion which can be unlocked within certain levels. Here’s some of the one’s we’ve managed to find so far, be sure to leave comments of any you’ve managed to find in the comments below:

Secret Mini-Games

– On Park and Ride, land on the tennis court and reverse into the warp zone to play a match against a penguin.

– In Stormtrooper, reverse near the start of the level into the bright portal to play Trials’ interpretation of Angry Birds.

– On Cliffhanger, reverse into what looks like a missile silo to play a first-person 3D maze.

– At the start of Observatory, drop down to the burst pipe spitting fire to ignite your bike and fly through a series of fire rings. The last ring should guide you towards a glider with a portal to end the level.

– Around the Oasis also has a wormhole wedged between two huge pipes that leads to a Marble Madness-style mini-game.

Hard Warp Zone Levels

– In Fusion Factory, miss the jump into the blue loop at the beginning of the level and you’ll find a portal leading to an incredibly hard level.

– Drop down onto the rock after the yacht in Marina Mania to find another portal which takes you to another challenging level.

– Set of the rocket right at the start of Greater Crater, then drop down where it lands and reverse to find a portal.

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