Following hot on the heels of Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy's The Division is the latest in Ubisoft's series of shooters, although The Division takes a bit of a different approach. It's packed with RPG elements like character customisation, base building, and modifications and upgrades, and is already being compared to Destiny for the shoot and loot style of gameplay.

In The Division you play an agent tasked with taking back New York after it's struck by an extremely virulent disease and loots itself to a desolate standstill. The idea is to take the game online and play in a team with some friends, gradually pushing back gangs and finding out where the disease came from. There's also a PvP area called the Dark Zone, full of higher level items and higher level enemies, as well as potentially hostile players. The Division is chock full of complex menu screens and different ways to level your agent, so we've got tips to give you a head start in the beta and will be bringing you more detailed breakdowns for combat, your Base of Operations, and the different skill trees as the game goes live in March.

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