The Finals – can you save your progress?

The Finals – can you save your progress?
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While The Finals is currently having an open beta, the main game will handle things much differently. As it stands, you might want to know whether you can save your progress in The Finals.

The Finals is the latest shooter taking the gaming world by storm. The open beta for The Finals has been met with great praise and success, but we still don’t know an official release date for the game. The more you play, the more you might wonder about your progress in the open beta and what it means for the full release.

Now, can you save your progress in The Finals?

The Finals – can you save progress

As of the open beta, you cannot save any progress other than your Battle Pass levels. Everything else, including your cosmetics, weapon skins, and shop purchases, will all be reset and you cannot save that progress in any way.

When The Finals is officially released, it makes sense that saving progress will work in the same way as any online game. Accounts will hold all your information and the studio will store that information on the game servers, meaning you don’t ever have to manually save your progress or anything like that.

If you’ve played Apex or Fortnite, we would expect The Finals to handle progress and save things the same way. The progress you make in Live Service games is always immediately saved upon doing anything, which means you won’t ever have save states or slots in the traditional sense.

While the Battle Pass will carry over to the full release, everything else is ultimately meaningless. The Credits you have can’t be replenished during the open beta, and everything you unlock will be reset. The main incentive to progress through the beta is to get the Battle Pass rewards.

That’s all you need to know about whether or not you can save progress in The Finals. For more, read our guides covering