Stellaris cheats – all console commands and codes

Stellaris cheats – all console commands and codes
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Want to know all the Stellaris cheats and console commands? We’ve got them prepared. Whether you want a spawn any ship, build things faster, complete research quicker, or anything else you can think of, there is a veritable library of Stellaris cheats to pick from.

Getting started in your grand space expedition is a daunting task. These Stellaris cheats and console commands will help you get ahead and make your long journey through the stars a more pleasant ride.

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Stellaris cheats and console commands - image shows the map screen in the game.
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All Stellaris cheats and console commands

These are all the cheats and console commands for Stellaris. To use them, simply copy and paste the cheats from the table below into the game.

activate_all_traditionsActivates all traditions
activate_ascension_perkActivates a specified Ascension Perk
activate_traditionActivates a specified tradition
add_anomalyAdds specified anomaly to the selected celestial body
add_intelAdds amount of intel towards the target
add_opinionIncreases empire’s opinion of another by set amount
add_relicGrants relic
add_spynetwork_valueAdds infiltration progress on target
add_trait_leaderAdds trait to a specified leader
add_trait_speciesAdds trait to a chosen species
alloysAdds the specified number of alloys
build_popsAdds robot pops to the selected planet
cashAdds the specified number of Energy Credits
communicationsEstablishes communications with all empires
create_megastructureCreates chosen Megastructure in the current system
create_navyCreates a fleet using your most recent designs
damageAll ships in the selected fleet take a specified amount of hull damage
debug_nomenAI empires always refuse proposals
debug_yesmenAI empires always agree to proposals
effect add_buildingAdds building to the selected planet
effect add_depositAdds resource deposit or planetary feature
effect add_districtAdds specified district to the planet
effect add_planet_devastationAdds X amount of devastation to the selected celestial body
effect country_add_ethicAdds chosen ethic to your empire
effect country_remove_ethicRemoves chosen ethic from your empire
effect force_add_civicAdds chosen civic to your empire
effect force_remove_civicRemoves chosen civic from your empire
effect remove_modifierRemoves chosen modifier from the selected planet
electionStarts a ruler election
end_senate_sessionPasses/fails the currently voted resolution
engineeringAdds x amount of Engineering tech points
eventTriggers chosen event
federation_add_experienceAdds x amount of experience to the Federation
federation_add_cohesionAdds x amount of cohesion to the Federation
federation_examine_leaderTriggers a Federation succession
finish_researchFinishes all active research
finish_special_projectsFinishes all special projects
finish_terraformFinishes all terraforming processes
foodAdds x amount of Food
force_integrateIntegrates target empire into your empire
force_senate_voteEnds the current senate recess
free_governmentToggles allowing you to change governments without the time limit
free_policiesToggles allowing you to change policies without restriction
influenceAdds x amount of influence
instant_buildToggles instantly finishing constructions and upgrades
intelGives sight of the entire galaxy and disables first contact while active
invincibleYour ships will not take damage
max_resourcesFills all resource storages
mineralsAdds x amount of Minerals
ownTake ownership and control of the selected fleet, starbase or planet
physicsAdds x amount of physics tech points
planet_classChanges the selected celestial body to a new class via the class id
planet_happinessAdds a modifier with x amount of happiness to the selected planet
playSwitches your control to designated empire
research_technologyInstantly research specified technology
skillsAdds x amount of skill levels to every leader under your control
skip_galactic_community_cooldownsAllows proposing resolutions from the same group without cooldown
societyAdds x amount of society tech points
surveySurveys all planets
techupdateRe-rolls the current available tech choices
unityAdds x amount of Unity
unlock_edictsUnlocks all edicts
branchofficeTake ownership of a selected planet’s branch office
menaceAdds x amount of menace
imperial_authorityAdds x amount of Imperial Authority
Stellaris cheats and console commands

There is a full resource an extremely long list of Stellaris Cheats, which you should consider reading though. We have picked the cheats above as they are useful to have, but feel free to look for more.

How to use Stellaris console commands

To open the Stellaris console and start using cheats, all you need to do is press the following keys: Shift + Alt + C. If successful, a console window will open up and you can now input any cheat you want. While using the console, you can press the arrow keys on your keyboard to cycle through the last code you posted in there. This helps toggle previously activated cheats or spam a single cheat several times. Now you’ve got your cheats on the go, sit back and enjoy a much easier time in Stellaris.

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