Does South Park: Snow Day have couch co-op or local split-screen?

Does South Park: Snow Day have couch co-op or local split-screen?
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Want to know if South Park: Snow Day has couch co-op? The new action game from the irreverent TV show brings a 3D spin to its iconic location and characters. So read on to know if you can play with friends on a single screen.

For more on the game, read up on its crossplay support and check if you can play South Park: Snow Day solo.

Does South Park: Snow Day have local co-op

No, South Park: Snow Day does not have local couch co-op. Players will have to team up online if they want to fight battles together. Be it tacking the elves, roaming around the town, or fighting enemies, you’ll need to do it from different systems. Local co-op would have been a great addition in a game that’s focused on teamwork and strategy.

Will South Park: Snow Day get split-screen support

With no split-screen support confirmed, you can only team up with AI bots if you want to play on a single device. Friends can join in via the Friends list on your platform. It’s a surprising deficit as much of Snow Day involves companions assisting your character with combat abilities.

That covers if the game supports couch co-op or split-screen. For more guides on the new South Park title, stay tuned for our extensive coverage.

South Park: Snow Day local co-op FAQs

Will South Park: Snow Day have split-screen support?

At the moment, there is no confirmation for local split-screen.

Will South Park: Snow Day let you have multiple character saves?

Based on what we know, you can only play as one customizable character in the game.