Can you play Remnant 2 solo?

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Finding yourself asking can you play Remnant 2 solo? The original game, Remnant: From the Ashes, had a big focus on multiplayer combat, with players encouraged to play through the story with friends. Remnant 2 is no different, with many of the classes having abilities which synergise well with other players. But if you’re wanting to play it alone, are you able to do that?

If you haven’t picked up the game for yourself yet, check out our Remnant 2 review to see what we made of Gunfire Games’ sequel to the gun-slinging Soulslike. And if you’re seeing all the available classes and don’t know what to choose, our Remnant 2 best class guide will point you in the right direction. For now, though, let’s take a look at whether you can play Remnant 2 solo.

Remnant 2 solo: A player shooting an enemy in a village.

Can you play Remnant 2 in single player?

Yes, you can play Remnant 2 in single player. While the game is ostensibly designed to be a multiplayer experience, there is nothing at all stopping you from taking the game on alone. Each class does have abilities that are targeted at multiplayer gameplay, but they also have enough abilities that work in a solo game that they’re certainly viable.

While you can play alone, be aware that you might find certain things a bit harder than in multiplayer. With no other players to target, enemies will only aim for you, which means you can sometimes be overwhelmed by large numbers of enemies, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulties. This largely applies to average mobs, though, and you shouldn’t have too many problems with the game’s boss fights.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should steer clear of some certain weapon types in single player games. With the potential to be overwhelmed by groups of enemies, you want to make sure that you’re carrying weapons with large clip sizes and a fast fire rate. This means you’ll be able to more effectively clear these groups. If you’re playing more stealthily, items like sniper rifles might work, but make sure you have a backup weapon in case you’re spotted.

That’s everything you need to know about whether you can play solo in Remnant 2. If you’re wondering what platforms you can play the game on, why not take a look at our is Remnant 2 on PS5 or PS4 guide? And if you’re a Game Pass subscriber, our is Remnant 2 on Game Pass guide is the one for you.

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