All Palworld console commands and how to use

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Admin commands can be a big part of any game if they’re usable, and Palworld is no different. You can use them to give yourself a leg up or just to get something you may desperately need. Whatever the reason, we’re here to show you the way on this topic. With these in hands, catching and using Pals has never been easier.

✓ At a glance
  • /BanPlayer {SteamID}
  • /Broadcast {MessageText}
  • /DoExit
  • /Info
  • /KickPlayer {SteamID}
  • /Save
  • /ShowPlayers
  • /Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}
  • /TeleportToMe {SteamID}
  • /TeleportToPlayer {SteamID}

Console commands list

Below are all the admin console commands currently in Palworld. This is a comprehensive list, so putting any other commands in won’t yield any results. Admin access can only do the below things right now. You can’t use them to get infinite health (whether infinite Pal health or infinite player health), higher capture chance, or other things.

Text InputFunction of Command
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}Shuts the server down after the indicated seconds while displaying text.
Can be used without {Seconds} and/or {MessageText}.
/DoExitShuts the server down immediately.
/Broadcast {MessageText}Allows you to broadcast a message with the [SYSTEM] tag.
/KickPlayer {SteamID}Kick a player from your server.
Specify by typing their SteamID.
/BanPlayer {SteamID}Ban player from your server.
Specify by typing their SteamID. You can also unban with hat command.
/TeleportToPlayer {SteamID}Teleport to a player.
Specify by typing their SteamID.
/TeleportToMe {SteamID}Teleport a player to you.
Specify by typing their SteamID.
/ShowPlayersLists players currently on the server with their SteamID.
/InfoShows information such as server name and current game version.
/SaveSaves all data from your world.

If you’re on a different version of the game, the one on Xbox for example, then you won’t be able to use the cheat engine. That’s a PC feature, since you can’t download something external like that on your video game console. This is, however, the Palworld Xbox console commands list. These server commands will work on either Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One.

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These function very similarly to how Minecraft commands do, right down to the same linguistic format. Use the / key and then type a command and it will do it. This can lead to great exploits to make your life, or the life of a selected player, a little easier. By showing the server information, you can get access to a lot of things. It can also be used to get griefers and the worst offenders out of the server with a direct command if it comes to that.

✓ Zach’s Tips

When you’re in dedicated servers or playing multiplayer, you have to have admin controls. This means it either needs to be your own world or the owner needs to give you those controls. You won’t have them in other worlds by default. You do in your single-player worlds, though.

How to use console commands

To use console commands, go to the chat box and type them in. Pal trainers have to have the server’s admin password to do this, since only admins can use them. Fortunately, you can give any player these abilities if you want. Any particular player can know the server’s password to try these commands out. PC players can download mods that allow for commands, too, but again, that’s not doable on Xbox Series X|S. This can be done on yours or your friend’s server.

The game is still in early access beta, so there could be more commands on the way. PocketPair has a lengthy roadmap planned out, so more commands could be in any of their upcoming gameplay updates.

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