Overwatch 2 Ramattra Hero Guide – Tips & Tricks

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Hero Guide – Tips & Tricks
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Ramattra is the latest champion to join Overwatch 2, ushering in the start of Season 2. Dubbed a ‘tempo tank,’ Ramattra brings a fresh way for players to sponge damage and initiate fights with a simple but potentially lethal ability kit that centers around dual stances that players can pivot between based on the battlefield situation.

A devout protector of his people and leader of Null Sector, Ramattra shed his past as a machine of war, swapping violence for musings on the universe, death for the ways of peace and harmony. Fraught relations with humans mean he’s slid back into his old ways to save his people from extinction.

This duality is reflected in his ability to change form from moment to moment. Shrewd and tactical, closing gaps and protecting teammates at range with a shield in one form, then transforming into a violent and imposing tank wielding his metallic might to pummel opponents. Mastering Ramattra is about knowing how and when to dance between these two stances to turn fights your way and keep the opposing team guessing.

As with any new champion joining the roster, there’s a mad scramble to test, trial, and understand how they work. Though it’s still early days, and Ramattra’s true potential will only surface once he’s put through the uncompromising leveler that is competitive play, here’s everything you need to know to hit the ground running.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Abilities

Unlike many tanks, which are relatively one-dimensional in their playstyle, Ramattra’s dual form lends itself to two very different approaches to combat. On the one hand, his Omnic Form is more geared toward a classic tank, shielding teammates from afar and dishing out poke damage as gaps are closed. His Nemesis Form, on the other hand, promotes a head-on, brutish and aggressive playstyle characterized by smart flanks and initiation.

Primary Weapon – Void Accelerator – Omnic Form

A large staff, Void Accelerator emits a slow-moving stream of nanite particles that cause steady damage with no falloff and a decent range backing up Ramattra’s ranged tank role in Omnic form. It’s also a valuable tool for when your Nemesis form is on cooldown but you’re close to enemies, as it has bonus damage for headshot crits.

Primary Weapon – Pummel – Nemesis Form

Nemesis Form transforms not just the way Ramattra looks. But it also swaps out his primary weapon for two hulking robotic arms that dish out Pummel, a heavy punch tailed by an energy wave that causes piercing damage and hits all enemies in range. This makes it a potent tool for getting through the defensive abilities of shield-heavy tanks like Reinhardt or Winston.

Secondary Ability – Void Barrier – Omnic Form

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Guide

For his secondary Omnic Form ability, Ramattra deploys a fixed shield with 1000 health points to a targeted location. The placing mechanic has a generous range and allows you to use Void Barrier offensively and defensively to shield teammates, corner opponents, or to back up initiations.

Secondary Ability – Block – Nemesis Form

In Nemesis Form, Ramattra swaps out the Vortex for Block. His robotic arms cross to shield his front, reducing damage coming from that direction, including from abilities like Hanzo’s Dragons. Block does, however, reduce Ramattra’s already slow movement speed and leaves him susceptible to heavy damage from attacks aimed at his back.

Ability 1 – Ravenous Vortex – Omnic Form

Ramattra unleashes a ball of nanite particles with AOE that damages and slows the movement speed of heroes within its radius and grounds them. It can be beneficial for halting an enemy rush, grounding heroes with vertical mobility like Winston, or pinning down a fleeing opponent.

Ability 2 – Nemesis Form

Ramattra’s second ability transforms him into Nemesis Form, granting bonus armor and changing his attacks as described above.

Ultimate Ability – Annihilation

Annihilation is Ramattra’s ultimate ability. He automatically transforms into Nemesis Form, then unleashes a wide-radius swarm that deals steady damage to all enemies within the swarm ring and in Ramattra’s LOS. Though short, the ultimate timer pauses as long as the swarm deals damage to an enemy, making it active theoretically indefinitely.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra – Tips & Tricks

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Guide

Cooldown Management

Though Ramattra’s big headline is the dual forms, it’s important to remember that the Nemesis Form is tethered to a cooldown, so the switching isn’t exactly seamless. Nemesis Form lasts 8 seconds, then has an 8-second cooldown, with the timer only starting once Ramattra returns to Omnic Form. You’ll want to play around that cooldown, saving Nemesis Form for the most impact, such as a coordinated rush or flank.

Indefinite Annihilation

Used smartly, Annihilation has the potential to change the tide of matches thanks mainly to the duration timer freezing as long as enemies are caught in its radius. With that in mind, players will want to carefully choose where you deploy Annihilation to maximize its duration and impact – choke points and other constricted points of the map with few exits being obvious choices.

It is a double-edged sword, though. Annihilation is so potent that players will immediately target Ramattra to end the ultimate or use mobility to get out of its radius. To mitigate this, you’ll want to use Ravenous Vortex to pin down enemies and follow up immediately with Annihilation.

Suppress Opponent Mobility with Ravenous Vortex

Ramattra in Overwatch 2 is slow, there’s no circumventing this, and other than the Void Barrier, there’s little in his ability kit to bolster his peel or mobility. But the Ravenous Vortex can be used just as much offensively as defensively. Chucking it at a group of advancing enemies to slow them down can be the difference between a skin-of-the-teeth escape and a swift death.

Close the Gap, Unleash the Beast

Void Accelerator is slow but, with a decent aim, can provide helpful poke damage to your DPS buddies as you advance toward an objective. Using your shield to protect more proactive heroes in your team is also a solid way to contribute to closing the gap. Then, when you’re close, you can set up your DPS teammates with a Vortex to pin down opponents, then get in closer to unleash Annihilation and trigger Nemesis Form to supplement the push with a decent amount of extra damage.

Counter Melee Heroes With Nemesis Form

Though this is cooldown-dependent, Nemesis Form is a useful counter to melee champions that like to fight up close. Switching to Nemesis Form adds bonus armor, but Block also limits the damage from frontal attacks, which can be helpful against heroes like Genji. Just watch out for enemies sneaking in from behind.

With that, our guide to Overwatch 2 Ramattra comes to an end. Fancy knowing which heroes are on top of the food chain? Check out our tier list.