NHL 24 – How to fight

NHL 24 – How to fight
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How do you fight in NHL 24? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an eager beginner, the fact of the matter is that NHL 24 has one of the most challenging learning curves of any sports video game. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find yourself at times frustrated and peeved during games.

With the official NHL 24 release date set for later this week, fans participating in the early access period are already digging into all the new gameplay changes and features at their disposal. And for those aiming to offset any frustrations or just bask in some fun entertainment, NHL 24 grants you the chance to do just that by being able to pick fights with opposing players. We cover how you can drop gloves and scrap in NHL 24 down below.

NHL 24

NHL 24 how to fight controls

Here’s how to start a fight in NHL 24:

PlayStationTriangle (Double Tap)
XboxY (Double Tap)

If you’re looking to initiate a fight and right away, all you need to do is double tap Triangle or Y on your controller when you’re in the face-off circle or following a whistle to stop play. Your player or the opponent will start poking and shoving the other, and if they want to throw gloves, it will happen seconds later.

However, this is not the only way you can start a fight in NHL 24. Should the referee blow their whistle to stop play and you send a late slapshot at the goalie, an opponent from the other team will immediately encounter you to fight and you will have to option to hit Triangle or Y to engage. In addition, if you deliver a violent hit that injures a player, another opponent on the ice will come charging at you to initiate a fight.

NHL 24 how to fight tips

If you’re planning on fighting in NHL 24, there’s a couple of helpful tips to keep in mind. The first is that of K.Y.P. (Know Your Personnel). If you’re going to pick a fight, it’s wise to use your biggest and strongest players you have, which will frequently consist of your defenders. If you’re using the Bruins and start picking a fight with a smaller center like Brad Marchand, you will be in deep trouble and could easily lose the fight.

In addition, once you start the fight, it’s important to know what to do after in order to win. And to assist you with that, we provided the full set of fighting controls illustrated in the image above, courtesy of NHL 24. Punches are thrown by using your right stick, while holding L2 or LT leads you to grab your opponent and holding R2 or RT leads you to dodge your opponents punches. Once your opponent or your player hits the deck, both you and your opponent will face a 5 minute penalty and cannot be used until its over.

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