New World Rise of the Angry Earth Twitch drops – prizes and how to claim

New World Rise of the Angry Earth Twitch drops – prizes and how to claim
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If you’re wondering what the New World Rise of the Angry Earth Twitch drops are and how to claim them, we’ve got you covered here. The Amazon Games-developed MMORPG continues its steady development with the release of its latest Wilds-themed expansion. And, as part of the festivities, the developers are giving players the chance to claim unique rewards by watching select streamers through Twitch.

So now that the New World expansion release time is finally here, we’ll be looking at all the unique rewards you can get and how you can claim them so you can show off to other players in Aeternum. Without further ado, here are all the Twitch drops currently available for the MMORPG’s latest DLC.

What are the New World expansion Twitch drops?

  • Day 1 Drops: Call of the Wilds Flail, Call of the Wilds Mount Attachment Skin, and Mossclad Helm (4 total hours watched)
  • Day 2 Drop: Mossclad Vambraces (6 total hours watched)
  • Day 3 Drop: Mossclad Boots (8 total hours watched)
  • Day 4 Drop: Mossclad Cuisses (10 total hours watched)
  • Day 5 Drop: Mossclad Thornvest (14 total hours watched)

There are a total of seven special rewards you can get over the course of the New World expansion’s launch week. Keep in mind that these aren’t exclusively available on any specific day, meaning you can get them as long as you meet the required watch hours before October 10. Before you put your favorite streamer on, make sure you connect your Twitch account with your Amazon Games and Steam accounts to claim your prizes.

How to claim New World expansion Twitch drops?

  1. Sign in to your Twitch account through the New World Twitch drops page.
  2. Next, link your Steam account by signing in to it on the same page.
  3. Watch any streamer listed below for the number of hours specified to earn rewards.
  4. Once you get a Twitch drop, head to your Twitch drops inventory page.
  5. Finally, press “Claim Now” for any New World Twitch drops you already have.

You will only have seven days to claim all of these prizes, so make sure to tune in to partnered streams if you don’t want to miss out on any of these goodies. If you want to know who to watch, though, then keep reading to find out.

This is the list of content creators provided by Amazon Games through their official announcement. However, more may eventually be added to the list, so you won’t only be limited to these specific streamers.

That covers all you need to know on New World Rise of the Angry Earth Twitch drops. To learn more, check out the new content the developers added with this latest expansion, such as the deadly Beast Lords.