NBA 2K24 Rewritten – Our guide to MyTEAM’s take on revisionist history

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Several NBA players never panned out, and the team behind NBA 2K24 Rewritten is acutely aware of that. Some of the biggest busts of all time could have been great players. Others who suffered debilitating injuries also could have been all-time players if not for their poor health. MyTEAM is offering players the chance to play with what could have been: highly rated versions of these once failed players.

NBA 2K24 Rewritten Cards

NBA 2K24 Rewritten is a rare set in MyTEAM. They usually don’t release players in sets with similar themes, but instead just give high OVR versions of players both past and present. The Rewritten set in NBA 2K24 gives the developers the chance to create cards that once seemed possible before the players ran into difficulties.

For example, perhaps the biggest NBA bust of all time is former Charlotte Hornets (then the Charlotte Bobcats) selection of Adam Morrison. Once a highly touted prospect, 2K24 reimagines him (or rewrites him) as the superstar many thought he would be. He gets a 96 OVR card in MyTEAM.

NBA 2K17 - Screenshot Thumbnail of NBA 2K24 Rewritten's MyTEAM Mode. Our guide to the revisionist history feature.
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On the other side of the coin, Derrick Rose is the biggest what if for injuries of all time. What if he’d never hurt his knee? He was elite before the injury and had a promising future that got derailed. He gets reimagined as a 95 OVR MyTEAM card for the Chicago Bulls.

The rest of the set includes:

  • Diamond Greg Oden
  • Diamond Grant Hill
  • Diamond Kwame Brown
  • Amethyst Sebastian Telfair
  • Amethyst Darius Miles
  • Amethyst Emeka Okafor
  • Ruby Harold Miner
  • Ruby Jonathan Bender
  • Ruby Jay Williams
  • Sapphire Pervis Ellison
  • Sapphire Marcus Fizer
  • Sapphire Darko Milicic

Zach’s Tips

Ironically, this is not the only way you can rewrite history in NBA 2K24. The NBA 2K24 Rewritten set gives you cards, but you can go back to any era in MyNBA mode and replay it to see how it would turn out. You could go back and turn Adam Morrison into a stud, or you could prevent Derrick Rose’s injury.

Both the Morrison and Rose cards are Pink Diamonds. Whether it was injury or just the inability to live up to lofty expectations and draft status, these players didn’t pan out. NBA 2K24 gives MyTEAM players the chance to see what they could’ve been and add them to their lineups today.

That’s all for the new set in MyTEAM, but be sure to check out a free Pink Diamond Chet Holmgren, the Season 4 release date, and the full list of locker codes!

NBA 2K24 Rewritten FAQs

Is NBA 2K24 Rewritten a recurring set?

As far as anyone can tell, the set is a one time drop of cards and won’t get more later.

How many cards are in Rewritten?

There are 14 cards available in the set.

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