MW3 Season 1 BlackCell – here’s all the exclusive content you can get in Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Season 1 BlackCell – here’s all the exclusive content you can get in Modern Warfare 3
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Looking for details on the MW3 Season 1 BlackCell? We’ve got everything you need to know right here. Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone is getting its first Season and it’ll feature a new content-packed BlackCell Battle Pass. MW3’s BlackCell will also use a similar Battle Pass progression that’s similar to MW2 as both games are very similar. 

The BlackCell will bring various exclusive rewards to players across many tiers. You’ll only be able to access these items by purchasing the Blackcell and unlocking everything it holds. So if you’re looking to spend some money on in-game purchases, here’s what you need to know about the MW3 Season 1 BlackCell. You might also be interested in going over the Season 1 Operators as well as Season 1 weapons, and then take your pick. 

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MW3 Season 1 BlackCell content

  • Access to the Season 1 Battle Pass and 20 Tier Skips (PlayStation users get 25). Over 1,300 CoD Points throughout the Battle Pass
  • 1,100 CoD Points instantly
  • Abolisher BlackCell Operator
  • “Man O’ War” Haymaker Shotgun Weapon Blueprint
  • “War Horse” Coyote Vehicle Skin
  • “Flexed Upon” Operator Finishing Move
  • BlackCell Sector as alternative starting location for the Battle Pass
  • Additional BlackCell-only Battle Pass content: 10 alternate BlackCell Operator skins and 6 alternate weapon blueprints.
  • If you purchased the Vault Edition of MW3, you can activate its free BlackCell Battle Pass reward and unlock the entire content with 50 Tier Skips. 

BlackCell Battle Pass price

The MW3 BlackCell Battle Pass will cost you $29.99, which is the same as the BlackCell price in MW2. If you’re not living in the US, you can also purchase the BlackCell Battle Pass for around £25 or $40 CAD. 

It’s worth noting that the BlackCell is simply a premium Battle Pass option that’s available in MW3 and Warzone. It comes with all the items you’ll find in the standard Battle Pass and more. So while it’s up to each player to decide if they’re willing to whip out $30 for the BlackCell exclusive items, I think it’s a good investment if you want to enhance your overall Warzone experience. 

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From the Season 1 roadmap we’ve seen, the BlackCell Battle Pass comes with a value of over 7,000 CoD Points. So if you don’t want to spend $30, you can always go for the standard Battle Pass for 1,100 CoD Points which is $9.99 or £8.50. So that’s what you need to know on the MW3 BlackCell. If you need more helpful guides, see our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks and learn some of our best ways of getting XP in the game. 

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Upgrade when you can

If you’re going for the standard Battle Pass for 1,100 CoD Points, you can always upgrade to the BlackCell Battle Pass at any time throughout the season and you’ll get back your 1,000 CoD Points back. The Battle Pass Token Tier Skips rewards also let you unlock the XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle or RAM-7 Assault Rifle immediately.

Modern Warfare Season 1 FAQs

Is the MW3 Season 1 BlackCell Battle Pass worth it?

That depends on your playstyle and how much you value the rewards included in the Battle Pass

Can I still enjoy MW3 Warzone without purchasing the Battle Pass? 

Yes! The Battle Pass is simply to give you access to more exclusive content and rewards, but you can have a great experience without buying it.