MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program – Start time, players, and more

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program – Start time, players, and more
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What is the MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program? MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty has been the pride and jewel of the hit baseball video game, releasing a vast variety of new content and programs for fans to dig into and enjoy since the game launched in March.

With the 2023 All-Star Week Program being one of the latest drops to arrive, MLB The Show 23 is back with more, announcing the return of the fan-favourite Extreme Program, which comes baring a variety of elite goodies fans will have to grind for. With the new program now live, here’s a look at the Extreme Program start time, players and the details you need to know of.

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program start time

The Extreme Program launches on Friday July 28 at 12PM PST / 3PM EST / 8PM GMT in Diamond Dynasty. With the new program now live, you can now jump right on into MLB The Show 23 and can pursue the elite prizes the Extreme Program comes with. Should you be curious about which new players it includes and how you can get your hands on them, we detail all you need to know in the next section.

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program details

For those that might not know, the Extreme Program has been a popular feature in previous editions of the game, and is home to some of the best players once again in MLB The Show 23.

The idea behind the program is that fans have to complete a collection of historic moments, special missions, a vigorous conquest, and an intense showdown that are significantly more challenging than the norm in order to unlock the elite Diamond players the program has to offer on its reward path.

The Extreme Program comes not only with five new player prizes you can unlock, but also contains a variety of awesome choice packs, which includes Diamond Duos Packs, the 2023 All-Star Game Pack, the Home Run Derby Pack, and more. In addition, the five new players all come with 99 overall ratings, and belong to different card series that MLB The Show 23 has released into the game mode.

On that note, here’s a look at the new Extreme Program player prizes that fans can now pursue in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program players

Here’s the five Extreme Program Diamond player prizes and how you can unlock them:

Ketel Marte (2B)All-Star Game SeriesDiamondbacksTier 3
Billy Wagner (CP)Incognito SeriesPhilliesTier 7
Mike Piazza (C)All-Star Game SeriesDodgersTier 11
Matt Cain (SP)Milestone SeriesGiantsTier 15
Ken Griffey Jr. (CF)Home Run Derby SeriesMarinersTier 21

In order to unlock all of these players, you will need to complete the Extreme Program’s tasks so you can earn the corresponding program stars needed to reach each player’s tier. With Marte being the first player reward you can unlock at Tier 3, Griffey Jr. is the final prize on the reward path at Tier 21.

On top of the moments, missions, conquest, and showdown that all come with the Extreme Program, fans can also secure a total of 28 program stars should they collect three new Diamond player prizes that are available in the new online event Turn It Up reward path in Diamond Dynasty.

Should you collect 95 overall Bruce Sutter at Tier 3 (5 wins), 97 overall Tom Glavine at Tier 9 (20 wins), and 99 overall Javier Báez upon securing 12 straight event wins, only then will you receive all 28 program stars for the collection task in the Extreme Program.

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