Rainbow Road is notoriously one of the trickiest course in every entry to the Mario Kart series. Trying to stay on the track is difficult enough, let alone achieving fast lap times.

VideoGamer has discovered a way you can both jump off the track and achieve not only a fast time, but (one of) the fastest times on the global leaderboards. By following our video guide below, you can skip large chunks of the track and leave your friends in the dust, or neon...

While following the video, there's a few pointers that are good to keep in mind:

  • On the first and third lap, it's important to hit the right side of the anti-gravity booster. If you hit the left, it takes away the angle on the landing to jump from the next part of the track down to the third tier leading to the finish line. A good marker is to drive right of the second coin on the middle level. If you land on the grey part of the track, don't worry, your mushroom will cancel any speed loss.
  • The second lap's leap is by far the trickiest: you have to drift onto the inside of the anti-gravity booster, level out the car, then use a mushroom to take the leap of faith onto the track below. If you need a marker, jump from the thick black line just before the two anti-grav boosters, at a 45-degree angle to the track.
  • Finally, if you're quick enough on the third lap, you can drive over both floor boosters before flying across the large chasm, as you can see in the video.
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