How to craft a launch pad in LEGO Fortnite

How to craft a launch pad in LEGO Fortnite
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Launch Pad is the latest item added to LEGO Fortnite. Epic Games released it with the v28.10 update while also adding a lot of other content to the video game. Just like in Fortnite Battle Royale, the popular item is used to travel quickly over the world. If you’d like to know how to craft how to craft a Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite, our guide has all the steps you need.

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Building a launch pad

To build a launch pad, you will need 8 flexwood, 4 copper bars and 1 silk fabric.

How to unlock and build a Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite

Launch Pad is classified as a toy in LEGO Fortnite. To see it in the game, you need to open the crafting menu and go to the second tab. If you don’t see the item yet, you will first need to collect materials to unlock it.

To craft a Launch Pad, you need the following resources:

  • 8x Flexwood – Obtained by harvesting cacti in a Dry Valley area
  • 4x Copper Bars – Obtained by smelting 1 Copper and 2 Brightcore at Metal Smelter
  • 1x Silk Fabric – Obtained by turning 1 Silk into Silk Thread at the Spinning Wheel, then turning 5 Silk Threads into Silk Fabric at the Loom. You can get Silk by eliminating spiders

Once you collect these ingredients, open the build menu, go to the Toys tab, and you should see the Launch Pad at the bottom. When you interact with the mobility item, you’ll be able to choose where you want to place it, so make sure to choose a great spot in your Village. We recommend you place it as high as possible, as you will be able to get more benefit from it.

Pairing your Launch Pad with a Glider is a fantastic idea. However, to craft a Glider in LEGO Fortnite, you will need to upgrade your Crafting Bench to Rare quality. Interestingly, the Glider also requires Flexwood and Silk Fabric.

A screenshot of a video game showing a man flying a parachute using a launch pad.
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Launch Pad is one of the new features that have arrived with the latest LEGO Fortnite update and it’s definitely a must-have in your Village. You can place as many of them as you wish, which will make your exploration much faster and easier.

The brand new item will take you to new heights, so make sure to craft it the next time you launch LEGO Fortnite!

How to craft a Launch Pad in LEGO Fortnite – FAQ

How can I unlock a Launch Pad if it’s not appearing in my build mode?

If you don’t see a Launch Pad once you open up the build mode, you will have to first collect materials for it. Once you do so, the item should be at the bottom of the Toys section.

How to get Flexwood from cactuses?

To obtain Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite, you will have to visit the desert biome. However, make sure to carry a Rare Forest Axe or better, otherwise you won’t be able to harvest this valuable material.